Question.  I have a relative that worked for the B&O and am trying to find out more information about him. Can you help?

Answer.  Without a doubt I receive more questions about genealogy than any other topic. Since starting this site I have received literally hundreds of E-mails from people all over the country. At first all I had to offer were guesses, most of which turned out to be wrong. Since it was clear that I was going to continue to receive such requests I decided to do a little research on my own and post my findings.

For starters I suggest you try the Railroad Retirement Board site. The Board may be able to provide information on deceased family members who worked for a railroad after 1936. There is a nominal fee. The site also contains links to other sites that may help you find information on family members who worked for the railroads before then.

You should also contact the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum. It is my understanding that they have company pay records on microfilm going back to around 1905. (A major fire in downtown Baltimore destroyed the B&O's headquarters in 1904 along with employee records.)

If the B&O Museum is unable to help you might try the Maryland Historical Society and/or the Maryland State Archives.

Here are two books that may be useful:

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Employees 1842 and 1852, 1855 and 1857 by Edna Agatha Kanely.
Casualties on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1854-1855 by William Hollifield.

Good luck!

Question.  I have some  B&O railroad items that I wish to sell. Where would be the best place to do that?

Answer.  I don't know of any web sites that specialize in selling railroad collectables, nor am I familiar with any dealers. However, you may be able to sell your items on e-Bay, there's plenty of B&O stuff listed there. I know a number of people who have had very good luck both buying and selling on e-Bay.

Question.  I am looking for more information about the B&O. Can you help?

Answer.  Maybe, but you would be better off posting your question(s) on one or more of the B&O chat groups that you will find listed on this site. It's not that I don't want to help, but why ask just one guy when you can ask hundreds at the same time?

If you are really serious about leaning more you might consider joining the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society.

Question. I have an old B&O stock certificate, is it still worth anything?

Answer. As stock that you can sell on an exchange, perhaps. To find out you can check with CSX Corporation, though I've been informed that they will redirect you to their transfer agent, BNY Mellon .

If it turns out that your certificate does not have any value as stock it may still have value as a collectable, so don't throw it away!

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